-- AndrejStuden - 10 Dec 2008

Present: MM, BG, CL, DZ, HK, NC, PW, AS.

  1. GP7 & FIB processing. HK sent a summary of number of available GP7. Process all after further tests on refurbished GP7s (CL expects to take a week or 2). HK claims it takes 3 daysfor FIB and no delay related to Xmas holidays expected - No need to rush. Wait for CL, AS to complete more tests and make the decision afterwards.
  2. Detectors. PW: SINTEF 1 mm, 1.5 mm 2 mm (4 inch 6 inch) in stock. Processing the same price, masks more expensive. More than double the price. SINTEF could make the design (Wojtech never did 6 inch). What type of detectors? Large detectors - 2-metal long lines a lot of noise. Kapton tape might be better (Charkov). Restivity? Reliable - old detectors, 30 kOhmcm, 1.5 mm thick deplete at 250 V (Eremin). High voltage required for good timing. Simulate 2 mm thick detectors (AS). What voltage required? Design to compensate for high surface voltages. About 1.5 mm additional scribe edge. PW to obtain estimates for a run of 20 detectors on 6 inch, design, processing and mask costs separately; the same for 4 inch.
  3. GP7 testing. Pedestals equal in serial and sparse(+adj) mode. Some suspicions on GP7 linearity (PW, CL, AS). (CL) Co-57: 14 keV, 122 keV, 136 keV. To be tested. CL with default vfp. HK at -888 mV. AS at -711 mV. HK noise at 1 cnt, CL at 1.5 cnts w/ default settings. The currents are high 20 uA at 130 V (AS). Plan of what to do (AS). To be reviewed by CL. Understand common mode.
  4. Meeting in LJU: Mon & Tue, Feb 2nd & 3rd (premeeting on Mon morning, Tue as long as neccesary). Hotel bookings to Marko. Check with Christoph.
  5. DAQ. For now the number of IB/VME is sufficient. No need for new readout systems. 10 more VME/IB boards for AX-PET. 5 possibly available. HK waiting for components (2 parts still missing for the VME board). Mid january.
  6. Next meeting: Tue 23rd December at 16h.
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